Forex Droid Fx Bot - InstaForex Team Member

The international broker InstaForex is happy to present a new member of its team - the first Forex robot in the world - Fx Bot, which symbolizes the company’s mission to offer the latest innovations of trading to its customers.
Fx Bot is know-how of the Russian R.Bot company,
constructed on the principle of telepresence. The robot was presented at the financial exhibition arranged by ShowFX brand in Moscow in November 2011, where the project drew much attention of the audience.
Multifunctional droid of InstaForex company - being about one meter high and with three wheels - was operated by the broker’s representative with Wi-Fi, it was easily moving around the hall, introducing to the visitors, being attentive while looking at the guests with the help of its video cameras - eyes and consulting them on Forex trading with demonstration of video.
You can have a chance to talk to our Fx Bot at one of the financial exhibitions, where InstaForex takes part and presents its latest innovations and services.
Experience the future with innovations by InstaForex!
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