The System of Instaforex Trading Servers is The Largest in The Word!

InstaForex international broker is happy to inform all its customers of the second trading server for cent accounts available - Thus, at the moment InstaForex trading system comprises as many as nine MT4 servers and one MT5 server, apart from about 50 datacenters, which makes it the biggest in the entire world.

The new server for cent accounts can be used for testing various strategies, beginners can employ it to practise trading; is very convenient in terms of volumes traded. Moreover, the new server is seen to boost the stability of trading on cent accounts: the popular server came to be overloaded on several occasions. Now we can confidently state that unstable connection has no more place in the world’s widest MetaTrader system.
We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that on the new cent server account numbers look like this: 35XXXXX. So, all cent account numbers as always have seven symbols, with the first of them being 3.
Trade and earn with InstaForex!
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